New channel for customer attraction and retention 

With NFT, you get a unique advertising channel that generates sustained brand interest by issuing NFTs and creating a secondary market.

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What is NFT? 

Imagine a brand or baseball card without a physical shell. This card or brand lasts forever; it is unique and can be transferred whenever you like and used by programs in events of your social accounts. It is available in your phone wallet. All above is about the NFT.
Non-fungible token (NFT), also a unique token - a type of cryptographic token, each instance of the token is unique and cannot be exchanged or replaced with another similar token, although, tokens have usually fungible nature.


How you can use NFT

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Promotional NFT 

NFT Distribution / Raffle

If your company manager decides to create an informational occasion to increase user activity, you can announce a competition for any activity (joining a group, posting on social networks, etc.) through the company marketing channels and raffle off a limited collection of NFTs associated with the brand.
The result is customer engagement and increased brand value. 

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NFT with Famous Characters

Use NFT for advertising rights 

If you have the rights to use the image of famous characters, sports players, etc., you can create NFTs with branded images and include them in your promotions.Fans of popular characters will be keen on collecting rare cards and this will create ongoing interest in the brand. 

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Resale and referral of the game 

Constant interest and secondary market is created for NFT token holders 

Periodic competitions can be organized for owners to maintain interest to the brand, issued and distributed NFTs.If you have the rights to use the images of several football teams, you can make a match with randomly determined winner. During the match, some of the NFT cards can be burnе out (there was an injury), the rest cards go to the winners.This spurs interest in buying and selling NFTs in the secondary market, and as a result it will increase interest in the brand. 

Why brands need NFT

New channel for attracting and retaining funds 

Current customer acquisition channels are difficult to create. These channels depend on many factors such as the quality of advertising traffic, sales channels, etc.

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Increasing brand value 

The value of NFT ownership will be associated with the brand value. A desire to buy issued NFTs from other NFT holders and a skillfully built support channel will significantly save on advertising costs in the future. 

Focus on the new generation 

The use of new technologies close to the favorite characters attracts a young audience, which is the most solvent now and in the near future.

Creation strategies 

The NFT release strategies depend directly on the chosen release case 


Releasing a large number of NFTs for a mass audience 

In this case, you can use a strategy of ordinary cards with images of characters and an initial emission of thousands of pieces with a price of $ 1- $ 5 for each. This strategy can be combined with a limited edition, available by burning a certain number of cards from the mass series. 

Exclusive edition

Depending on the strategies of the advertising company, in this case, you can produce both limited editions of 10-100 pieces with a price of $ 10- $ 20 and a single object with a price of $ 100 and issue it only to those who achieve certain success. 

Games between cardholders 

А monthly event where cardholders can take a part in a simple game. You can announce an event where the result is unknown and cannot be forecast - the result of a football match, for example. Someone bets a card on the first team win, someone - on the second. The winners will take the cards of the losers, and you can destroy some cards as losses in the game. This reduces emissions and increases value.
All games work on smart contracts with guaranteed results

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Why buyers need NFT

Being proud of involvement with a famous character

The fan will keep a "piece" of the star in his wallet. This will allow you to feel a constant connection with the influencer and their world.


NFT will take the fan back to childhood, collecting cards and inserts. The release of the NFT is an excellent opportunity to kickstart the fan hoarding mechanism where they are looking to buy more cards to increase their chances of winning the monthly draw.

Secondary market

After the release of NFT, their number will automatically decrease (someone will lose their wallet, someone will forget)
OpenBiSea will allow the market to develop further, to sell cards at an auction. If the corresponding activity is maintained, investors will come to the market, who will redeem the cards in advance.