Step-by-step guide on how to create, buy and sell NFTon the Open Bi Sea Marketplace

Open Bi Sea Web App is designed to facilitate your NFT auction activity. The Open Bi Sea Web App allows you to create your NFT and start selling it in a few steps. There are NO more JSON details or jumping between different websites and platforms.
To open the Open Bi Sea Web App, go to the Open Bi Sea Home page and click Explore marketplace


Connect your wallet

To work on the Open Bi Sea marketplace, you need first to connect your wallet.Use the Connect wallet button on the main window of the Marketplace.You have three options to add your wallet:● Connect wallet● Restore wallet● Create wallet


Check your wallet balance

To start your NFT activity on the Open Bi Sea marketplace, you need to have enough BNB/MATIC balance in your wallet.To buy BNB/MATIC:● Go to the Wallet tab● Select a coin type     ● Specify a value          ● Click Buy Now.         
Read more on how to top up your wallet.  


Create your NFT

Open My Collectibles and click on the (+) plus sign on the top-left.● Upload a media file (image or animation) ● Fill in an NFT name, description● Specify an NFT artist                   ● Add the artist's public profile    ● Click Mint Now Now, your NFT is created, whitelisted, and can be sold.
Click on the NFT address to check the status and details.


Start selling NFT - Create Auction

All NFTs created on the platform or added using the settings menu are available on My Collectibles tab.● Select an NFT you want to sell and click Start selling.● Set an initial price in BNB or BUSD.                             ● Set a sufficiently long term for the auction or pick up the final date from the calendar. The NFT is automatically sold to the collector with the highest bid.● To sell an NFT to the first collector who offers a price higher than the initial price, select the Buy now option.
Note! Commission on the NFT sale is 5%


Manage auction

You can find all your auctions it in the Marketplace tab > My Own. Click on the auction you want to manage. 
● Click Cancel auction to remove it from the active auction list and move it to the My Collectibles tab.● Click Tell a friend or use the Share icon to share details of your auction with friends via social networks.


Volume of issue

88,888 OBSs in total

Hard cap for the token sale

8,888 OBSs

Sale Branding

Mar 8 - forever

Volume of Sale

8,888 OBSs

Initial $ exchange rate

0.0888 BNB = 1OBS

Payment terms and conditions:

● We do not have soft-cap, the maximum is 8,888 OBS tokens. ● The first 888 tokens will sell on private sale with 0.0777BNB start price, not more than 100 OBS to one investor, auction based.● Rest 8000OBS will available with purchaseTokens() smart contract function, with limits described below:_____● There is maximum entry limit per one purchase is 30% from leaved tokens, minimum entry limit is 0.8BNB.● BNB are accepted as payment methods. ● Restrictions: buyer can’t purchase more than 33% of left balance on tokensale pool.● All payments are accessible through browsers wallets and mobile wallets.● Storage system of collected funds: smart contract with address:______● Conversion conditions: initial exchange rate is 0.0888BNB = 1 OBS token.● Curve price formula(bitcoin style): each buyer increases the next price depending from purchased tokens amount, which protects future rate. All rules build in smart contracts.