New organic monetization channel

With the NFT creation, you get a mix of monetization and a new user experience that makes you money and helps to attract new audiences organically.

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Free provision of your NFTs, strategy assistance, and joint marketing campaigns The offer is valid until August 31, 2021


What is NFT?

Imagine a brand or baseball card without a physical shell. This card or brand lasts forever; it is unique and can be transferred whenever you like and used by programs in events of your social accounts. It is available in your phone wallet. All above is about the NFT
Non-fungible token (NFT), also a unique token - a type of cryptographic token, each instance of the token is unique and cannot be exchanged or replaced with another similar token, although, tokens have usually fungible nature.


How you can use NFT

Heading photo

Being proud of involvement

A club card 

NFTs can be a sign of belonging to an elite influencer club. Your subscribers will be able to brag about the purchase and show the club card to friends and share the fact of ownership on their social networks, which increases the recognition of your brand.

Heading photo

Exclusive content

NFT with image and signature of a famous person

You can release an exclusive series of autographed photos / short videos valuable to your brand's fans. 

Heading photo

Involvement with the object of worship

Monthly draws

For NFT holders, draws are organized in the form of a meeting with a star, a merchant, a trip, access to closed content, etc.This increases interest in buying and selling NFTs in the secondary market. 

Why an influencer needs NFT 

New monetization channel

Current channels of monetization, integration, are low effective and contribute to audience churn 

Increase awareness of personal brand 

The NFT owners won't be able to resist bragging to their friends. Thus, you get a native channel for attracting users. 

Attract a new audience 

The use of new technologies in your social accounts attracts a young audience to you, which is the most solvent now or will be in the near future. 

Creation strategies 

The NFT release has different strategies that depend directly on the chosen case


Issuing a large number of NFTs as club cards 

In this case, the strategy of ordinary club cards is chosen, for example, gold, silver, platinum or 1,2,3 stars with an initial emission of thousands of pieces and a price of $ 1- $ 5 each

Exclusive content

Depending on the sales strategies, it is possible to produce both limited editions of 10-100 pieces with a price of $ 10- $ 20 and mass editions 

Games between cardholders 

You can organize a monthly event where cardholders can play a simple game. For example, you announce a situation, e.g., whether you go on a date or not. Cardholders do not know the correct answer. They can only bid their cards for "yes" or "no". The winner takes the loser's cards. At the end of the game, the winner can destroy some cards to reduce emissions and increase value. All games work on smart contracts with guaranteed results.

You can provide your strategy here 

Contact us for a discussion. Our team is open to implementing strategies that will bring you success. 

Why buyers need NFT 

Being proud of involvement with a star

The fan will keep a "piece" of the star in his wallet. This will allow you to feel a constant connection with the influencer and their world. 


NFT will take the fan back to childhood, collecting cards and inserts. The release of the NFT is an excellent opportunity to kickstart the fan hoarding mechanism where they are looking to buy more cards to increase their chances of winning the monthly draw.

Secondary market

After the release of NFT, their number will automatically decrease (someone will lose their wallet, someone will forget)
OpenBiSea will allow the market to develop further, to sell cards at an auction. If the corresponding activity is maintained, investors will come to the market, who will redeem the cards in advance. 

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