New channel for license monetization 

You get the opportunity to monetize any rights by issuing and selling the NFTs.

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What is NFT?

Imagine a brand or baseball card without a physical shell. This card or brand lasts forever; it is unique and can be transferred whenever you like and used by programs in events of your social accounts. It is available in your phone wallet. All above is about the NFT.
Non-fungible token (NFT), also a unique token - a type of cryptographic token, each instance of the token is unique and cannot be exchanged or replaced with another similar token, although, tokens have usually fungible nature.


How you can use NFT

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Art objects 

Making a digital copy of an object 

Let's say your company owns the rights to use art objects - it can be paintings, installations, photographs, collectible coins, and so on. One expensive piece can be split into the required number of fractions. For example, a $ 100k painting can be sold as 10k NFT. You can create a digital copy (or copies) for sale online. This is the path for the new monetization of objects and artists.

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Rights to release character merchandise 

Your favorite characters now also in the form of NFT 

If you have the rights to release products with famous characters, sports players, etc., you can monetize them.
You no longer need to look for partners, factories, and networks for sale - you can do everything yourself.
Fans of the characters will be eager to collect rare cards and this will spur the secondary market.

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A secondary market and NFT liquidity

You will be able to create simple games on the blockchain for NFT token holders 

Periodic competitions can be organized for NFT holders. To participate in this competition, you must own the corresponding NFT.If you have the right to use the images of several football teams, you can make a match where the winner is randomly determined and some of the NFT cards will burn out (there was an injury) and some will go to the winners.This spurs interest in buying and selling NFTs in the secondary market.

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