We will sell 10% of the tokens pool:

Name OBS token % allocation
Pre-sale 8888 10%;
Community 80000 90%
Total 88888

Remainder of the tokens (90%) will be allocated to Community based on this rules:● 5% will be distributed around first early users of app and/or smart contracts. Early users must be active, propose features and bug reports, actively invite friends and use referral system
● 5% to a content creators bounty, where must include a video tutorials, full documentation, etc
● Rest 80% will allocate to all future investment bitcoin-based principals:

— Community members sell or buy more than one month $X of assets with OpenBiSea. — A Total amount of distributed OBS tokens is Z OBSs— Distribution will allowed from $10k monthly sales— Each month all community buyers and sellers can claim to receive leaved OBSs tokens based on their total sales percent sharing, total sales and OBSs leaves in free pool:

■ 0.1% distribution if total sales > $10k and < $500k■ 1% distribution if total sales > $500k and total sales < $5M■ 10% distribution if total sales > $5M

— New sellers and buyers for first month will receive 10% more than old investors, in case wallet never used inside YouBank
— Each holder will have appropriate discount to all fees/subscriptions depends from % holded OBSs divided to circulation supply
— The member can’t claim 100% of monthly pool to claim, only 5% and total members must be more than 20