Step-by-step guide on how to create, buy and sell NFT(desktop only)Demo version


Install MetaMask wallet in your browser

MetaMask is an extension for accessing any crypto blockchains enabled distributed applications, or "Dapps" in your browser!
Click here to install.


Create your own wallet

Follow the instruction on how to create a MetaMask wallet. When you have created your wallet, you get a seed phrase. Please, save this phare. This is the only way to restore your wallet if you lost your credentials. Your MetaMask account is automatically generated. You’ll see that as your account 1 (default account).Copy your account address from there.


Connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain

You have to manually add the Binance Smart Chain to the wallet. For this, click Add Network in the top-right corner. Follow detailed instruction here.


Buy BNB for your wallet

For now, you do need BNB (at least 0.15) on your Binance Smart Chain wallet to make purchases. Please, purchase with a card by:● for US Residents ● for non-US Residents


Create NFT

Click Mint free NFT and follow instructions. Upload a media file (image or animation), fill in a name, description, etc. Publish your wallet address in social public accounts to confirm ownership of minted NFTs. 


Open an NFT details page

Click Open NFT details. In the opened page add a tokenId in URL, like Connect Wallet. If you are an owner of NFT, the Create auction button appears. Click the button.On this page, you can also check if auctions opened for this NFT and made a bid or purchase.


Create an auction

You can open the Create Auction page by a link or from the NFT details page (see step 6).  Fill in all fields on the page. The tokenID value will be filled in automatically if you opened the Create Auction page from the NFT details page. Click Approve, and after successful approval click Create auction.


Observe the Auctions list page

To use this page, click the wallet and you will see a list of all active auctions, where you can make a bid or buy an item.


Volume of issue

88,888 OBSs in total

Hard cap for the token sale

8,888 OBSs

Sale Branding

Mar 8 - forever

Volume of Sale

8,888 OBSs

Initial $ exchange rate

0.0888 BNB = 1OBS

Payment terms and conditions:

● We do not have soft-cap, the maximum is 8,888 OBS tokens. ● The first 888 tokens will sell on private sale with 0.0777BNB start price, not more than 100 OBS to one investor, auction based.● Rest 8000OBS will available with purchaseTokens() smart contract function, with limits described below:_____● There is maximum entry limit per one purchase is 30% from leaved tokens, minimum entry limit is 0.8BNB.● BNB are accepted as payment methods. ● Restrictions: buyer can’t purchase more than 33% of left balance on tokensale pool.● All payments are accessible through browsers wallets and mobile wallets.● Storage system of collected funds: smart contract with address:______● Conversion conditions: initial exchange rate is 0.0888BNB = 1 OBS token.● Curve price formula(bitcoin style): each buyer increases the next price depending from purchased tokens amount, which protects future rate. All rules build in smart contracts.