OpenBiSea NFT Marketplace Milestones July 2021

We have a lot to cover on the things OpenBiSea team accomplished in JuLy 2021.

Check out some of the record-breaking milestones we’ve achieved and take a deep dive into the OpenBiSea Universe, from NFT ART to exclusive premium collaborations with top platforms and artists.

So here are the headlines for the month that was July, 2021.

Integrations and Collaborations

We are always on the move. This month we were able to integrate with 2 projects, bringing new NFT content and services to our marketplays. Each of the following projects has worked with us to make our marketplace stronger and bring more awareness and security to the project.

OpenBiSea has cross-chain support for both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. However, NFTs are widely adopted and seen also for other networks such as Polygon.We are happy to announce that from July 2021 OpenBiSea’s cross chain support also includes the Polygon as well!

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain network. Polygon has been one of the fastest-growing Dapp platforms for Ethereum scaling, rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for DeFi, NFTs, and Blockchain Gaming with 500+ Dapps, ~7M daily txns, and 1.8M+ unique wallets.

Furthermore, we’re excited to announce that OpenBiSea NFT Marketplace has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon mainnet. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, OpenBiSea NFT Marketplace has access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds needed to use a BNB/BUSD and MATIC/USDT price to calculate total sales in USD, for claim OBS tokens. This will provide our users with strong assurances that they can trust the price feeds and keep their assets secure.

Creators collaborations

OpenBiSea has continued to display strong growing momentum, achieving new milestones thanks in large part to our new resident creators and the unique NFTs they create. One of the most bright NFT’s has been launched by:

Bondero, one of the most awarded contemporary Artists by ArtSlant:

Puzzle of Dreams

Irina Berezko

Irina works in the style of ukiyo-e and classic graphic manner of drawing of Western European painting through the prism of modern view of contemporary art. Combining Eastern and Western traditions, she creates a mix that reflects the multiculturalism of our world.

Fedir Aleksandrovich

Fedir Alexandrovich Jozefina



The competition is open to all artists around the world: from novice to professional artists. There are no age or location restrictions. We are in the process of NFT spotlight NFT collections from NFT digital artists and creators.

AMA Sessions

A strong community not only brings interesting ideas for the project but also attracts big partners. We love sharing information with the community. We are always up to answer questions from the people involved in our project, and this month we were excited to participate in 2 AMA sessions.


We love giving back to the community. This month we sent out $400 in rewards, We will continue to give out rewards to the community at every opportunity, supporting those who support us.


OpenBiSea NFT Marketplace has been built to be a home for artists from all walks of life. Our team believes that no artist is too big or too small to showcase their work to the world. More than 150 Artworks has been minted and auctioned in July, 2021

Perfect Artworks as “White Rabbit” and “Fight for Happiness” one of the first ones at the auction. And, of course, unique legendary NFT ARTWORK “MAN WITH GREEN APPLE” — the choice of Stephen Baldwin, an American actor, producer, director, and political activistStephen Baldwin is the voice of Big Time/ Charlie Bigelow in Batman Beyond He is the youngest of the four Baldwin Brothers.

MAN with Green Apple

MAN with Green Apple

Fight for Happiness

Fight for Happiness

White Rabbit

White Rabbit


Additional Progress

Android and Web app. is ready! You are welcome to test it right now!

iOS App. ready, Appstore approval in progress

iOS App. ready, Appstore approval in progress

Beyond that, OpenBiSea is planning to begin the process of expanding beyond the traditional art market, targeting games, music and sports NFTs, which we start already in June with POlARS.

OpenBiSea NFT marketplace is a smart contract, and iOS, Android, and web UI app. It’s a simple, step-by-step guided solution to buy, sell and make auctions (smart contract-based) for NFT. The main core smart contracts are built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and have an Ethereum bridge for NFT assets.


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