MotoDEX x AlephZero

MotoDEX x AlephZero

🚀 Quiz Time: Explore MotoDex and Win from pool $500 in NFTs! 🏆

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure into the world of MotoDex and Aleph Zero? Here's your chance to showcase your knowledge and snag some incredible rewards! 🌐✨

📅 Event Date: November 23-30, 2023

🏆 Prize pool: $500 in NFTs for the winners

How to Participate:

Knowledge is Power: Dive into the MotoDex universe and familiarize yourself with the intricacies of Aleph Zero.

Answer and Win: Respond to the questions correctly for a chance to win $500 in NFTs!

Spread the Word: Share this exciting opportunity with fellow enthusiasts and let them join the quest for knowledge and prizes.

🔗 Follow these link and answer questions:

Are you up for the challenge? Let the MotoDex Quiz begin! 🚀