How to earn on motoDEX in Aurora Chain?

How to earn on motoDEX in Aurora Chain?

The main task in motoDEX is to get to the finish line with a minimum amount of time. NFT earnings are as follows:

  1. Track owners receive income from tournaments on their tracks.
  2. Character owners receive a share of the bets played in the competition.

🏍 motoDEX users can profit in two ways:

1. Gameplay Income

During the game, NFT tracks and NFT participants of the competition are assigned to a special smart contract. In addition, third-party MotoDEX users can place bets on the outcome of the game. These funds also go to the smart contract. After the end of the game session, the server exports the results of the competition, and the smart contract updates the data on the damage received by the players.

2. Income of Track Owners and NFT Characters

As you can see from the table, the average income of a track owner ranges from 35-100 USD per week. At the same time, players earn 2-6 dollars. Considering that at least 50 USD is needed to buy a track, and 0.5-1 USDfor a character, it is obvious that pioneer buyers have every chance of getting super-profits.The profitability from participation in MotoDEX fully pays for the burning of game characters and wear and tear of the track. The active growth of the project's popularity gives fans of NFT games every chance not only to enjoy the racing drive, but also to earn some good money. If you start investing and playing today, there is every chance to skim the cream off in the form of real dollars tomorrow.

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