How and on what to make money in our motoDEX Game?

How and on what to make money in our motoDEX Game?

There are three main categories of NFT objects in the game:

  1. Game characters are animated motorcyclist avatars representing the player in competition.
  2. Tracks are locations where competitions take place. 
  3. Health capsules are items for restoring the vitality of game characters.

1. Playable Characters

Characters are released on smart contracts and are classic NFT. Anyone can buy or sell their game avatar. The price and limits vary depending on the characteristics of the selected character. Each new purchase you make increases the value of the NFT object by 1%. You can view the current value of a character directly in the smart contract. Players can buy and sell any number of characters.There are 6 game avatars in MotoDEX. Check here -

2. Tracks

Tracks are produced in a limited edition of 99 pieces (3 for each level). They are sold on a smart contract. The starting price of the track is 50 USD. However, each new sale increases its price by 10%.In order for the owners of the tracks to attract players to the competitions at their location and thereby develop the gaming economy more actively, MotoDEX provides for a land tax of 5 USD. It is paid monthly at the time of activation of access to players, or it is automatically deducted by the system when paying dividends for the use of activated tracks. Buy the most popular track -

3. Health Capsules

Used to replenish the lives of the player. Capsules add 5,10,30,50 lives. The starting price of items is 0.5 /1/3/5 dollars, respectively. The price of items increases by 0.1% after each new sale. 

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