Competition in honor of the first Beta launch!

Competition in honor of the first Beta launch!

Participate and Get $ 500!

Everyone who takes part in the drawing is sent ten tokens from the limited version (collectible token = $ 1). After that, the second phase begins - the winners of the first phase can sell on auctions or buy on actions to collect as much as they can from ten limited NFT tokens for a month.

The participant who collects the maximum number of NFTs at auctions wins. The winner will receive $ 500 in OBS Tokens. If several participants at the end of the period have the same number of NFTs, the prize fund will be divided.

To participate in the competition, you should:

1. Join the Telegram channel

2. Subscribe on Twitter

3. Retweet this news

4. Leave a comment for Twitter tagging three friends

5. Fill out the form

Participate and win!