About OpenBiSea NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) give you ownership of artwork, music, videos and other online collectibles. They exist on blockchains, the innovative technology that underlies cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

As the popularity of NFTs has grown, the NFT market has climbed to more than $40 billion (£32 billion) in value, according to The 2021 NFT Market Report released by blockchain data company Chainalysis.The best NFT marketplaces can be the difference between you selling a new piece of art or finding a create new project to collect. NFT marketplaces are also not simply stores to buy and sell digital art but a doorway into a community of passionate artists and collectors.

OpenBiSea - one of the best nft marketplaces in the world. It is multi-chain NFT auctions in all-in-one place to cut any NFT deal in a few clicks with a $200M support fund.

1. OpenBiSea is the easiest place to invest and manage your NFT. As simple as ‘Your grandma can sell NFT’. Check: app.openbisea.com and https://t.me/openbisea_bot to create NFT auction in a few step.

2. ​​$200M support fund in OBS tokens (80% of total supply) is locked on smart contracts for buyers and sellers. To solve a problem for true value distribution we have created two hundred million dollars plus support funds in our OBS tokens. Eighty percent of total supply is locked on smart contracts to claim only buyers and sellers depending on revenue generated by them.

3. OpenBiSea Metaverse area for GameFi NFTs. OpenBiSea Studios for creating own NFT games. Our solution to this problem is one metaverse ecosystem where play to earn games generate NFT assets and users can play and sell later(or even lease NFTs). Our solution is not just about partnership with existing games, but creating our own one. OpenBiSea Studios will create at least ten NFT game titles within the next two years.

Create NFTs easily on the OpenBiSta marketplace and earn money.