TOP 5 sales of NFT tokens in the CIS

27 June 2021

Only a few consider the CIS market as competitive for NFT tokens. However, domestic creators did not stay away from the boom in the NFT market. Artists and influencers make good money for the sale of their works, and among them there are those who have already offered lots for a decent price.
№1 Calligrapher Pokras Lampas
A work of art for sale via NFTs does not have to be digital. Pokras Lampas is a fairly successful "real world" artist, but he also decided to implement one of his works through NFT.

The subject of the sale was a photograph of the projection of his painting onto the dam of the Chirkei hydroelectric power station. The calligrapher managed to get $ 28,700 for a canvas called "Transition", that is why he is in first place of the top.

№2 3D Artist R66
Nikita Replyansky aka R66 is a 3D artist from Moscow. His first work was bought for $ 1,231, and the most expensive painting "Shaping The History" - for $ 5,395. The total income from the sale of NFT tokens has already exceeded $ 30,000.

In his works Replyansky tries to show changes in a person under the influence of technology. Most often he depicts modified cyborgs in every possible way.

№3 Computer Graphics Artist Brickspacer
Nickname Brickspacer is the computer graphics artist Stepan Khristoforov. He earned $ 30,000 for the sale of all his NFT tokens. In each digital picture, the author tried to reveal some kind of story.

The most expensive work of Khristoforov was the painting "Navalny", which was bought in January 2021 for $ 10,000. $ 5,200 of this amount went to charity: FBK received 250,000 rubles, and OVD-Info received 150,000 rubles.

№4 Graphic Designer Frm46
Frm46, aka Evgeny Zubkov, works as a graphic designer in Rostov-on-Don. The author is building a career in the gaming industry and has already managed to draw several works for Cyberpunk 2077, Valorant, PUBG.

In total, Zubkov earned $ 25,000. The most expensive painting sold using NFTs was "PANDORA`S BOX". Its cost is $ 10,488. The artist draws in an interesting style of alternative post-Soviet reality, mixed with cyberpunk.

№5 Chuvabak Animation Artist
This nickname belongs to Oleg Vdovenko, a 34-year-old animator from Tula. He started in the gaming industry and now sells short videos using NFT. So far he has earned $ 23,000 in total.

The first sold work was "WACKY WAR", for which he got $ 3,500. The most expensive of his works was bought for $ 4,575. Vdovenko has put up for sale a video "[Exclusive] C-3PO`s revenge," based on Star Wars.

Summary of cryptoartists in the CIS
The CIS countries are trying to keep up with the global trend. Yes, while there is no dollar NFT millionaire here, but the makings for his emergence are clearly visible. In addition to artists, bloggers also look at NFT tokens. They sell parts or whole videos to anyone who wants to.

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