TOP 5 most expensive NFT tokens

11 July 2021

2020 saw the first wave of interest in NFT tokens. Digital artists got their well-deserved rewards, but it turned out that NFTs could sell more than just paintings. So far, the most expensive token remains a painting by artist Bepple, but neighboring spheres are actively catching up. So what are the most expensive NFT tokens on the planet?
№1 "Stay Free" by SnowdenEdward Snowden fled to Russia long ago with stolen US government documents. He could not pass by the increased interest in NFTs and created an art object called "Stay Free".
It cannot definitely be called a painting. The canvas depicts Snowden's face, folded from documents stolen by him. Later, an NFT token was created for a digital art object, which was then sold for $ 5.5 million. It is surprising that the author did not keep the money, but transferred it to the Freedom of the Press Foundation.
№2 Music album "Ultraviolet" by DJ 3LAUAmerican DJ Justin Blau was the first to release an NFT token for his album. He created 33 lots, each of which included several different additional bonuses.
It was originally planned to launch the auction for 3 days. On the last day, the total amount was $ 1 million and Blau decided to change the terms of the auction. Each new bet extended it by 3 minutes. As a result, it turned out that the timer was extended 40 times, and the final amount was $ 11.6 million. The most expensive token went for $ 3.6 million. Here, the addition was:
1.Song specially written for the customer.2.Images based on tracks.3.Access to the secret database of tracks on the musician's website.
№3 Twitter founder's first tweetThe social network Twitter was launched in 2006. Of course, the first message on the system was a tweet from founder Jack Dorsey. In 2021, the NFT token of this tweet was sold for $ 2.9 million.
Jack Dorsey didn't keep all the money for himself. He converted them to Bitcoin and transferred them to the non-profit organization CiveDirectly.
№4 "The Pixel" by Murat PakThis top item is hard to associate with standard digital art. An anonymous artist under the pseudonym Murat Pak has put up an NFT token for sale. It was tied to a simple gray pixel, which was bought for $ 1.36 million. "Artwork" entered the private collection "The Fungible".
№5 Video from the duo SSX3LAUDJ Justin Blau and artist Mike Parisell have teamed up to form the creative duo SSX3LAU. They created the music video "Auction Winner Picks Name", inviting the name of the song to whoever buys the piece.
The interested person was found. The buyer paid $ 1.33 million for the song and decided to call it Gunky's Uprising.
If you also want to try to sell your creativity, use the OpenBiSea platform. Here anyone can create their own NFT token in a few clicks and publish it in our auction.