How are sports and NFT tokens related?

25 July 2021

The entire sports industry is tied to the fan movement. Representatives of sports leagues have long learned to monetize their fans, but they are constantly looking for new ways. The growing interest in NFT tokens can become a new income item for sports teams and competitions.
The first steps of sports towards NFT tokensThe American Basketball Federation NBA has already launched an NFT token sale. They tokenized hundreds of thousands of moments from different games, making virtual cards out of them. Users can buy, sell and exchange them.
Football is not far behind. Several projects have been launched, but the most interesting is Sorare. It sells 4,000 players' NFT cards and comes with several episodes of important matches with each player.
NFTs are also sold today on OpenSea, Soraredata, Rarible and even eBay. All of these platforms support non-fungible token trading. Collectors can purchase football, basketball or baseball cards here.
Athletes and NFT TokensStill, the athletes themselves found themselves on the token market faster than their management. Many have long and successfully sold their game moments and collectible images through the NFT. Among them are:
1. Bronze medalist of the World Figure Skating Championship-2021 Alexandra Trusova. 2. Former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. 3. Tennis player Alexandra Oleinikova. 4. Pele footballer.
The turnover in this direction is calculated in hundreds of thousands of dollars and the demand for unique cards does not fade away.
What is the future of sports and NFT?It is likely that in the future, most of the sports industry's revenue will come from the sale of NFT tokens. The fan base is huge, and part of it is always ready to get a little closer to their favorite athletes through branded merchandise.
At the moment, the technology is only being tested. When launched in full force, all fan merchandise, including virtual clothing, will be added to the card sales. With minimal costs for creating virtual objects, they will bring huge profits.
If you're a digital artist, try your hand at creating unique sports-themed artwork. You can sell it on the OpenBiSea platform, creating a new NFT token quickly and easily. We have minimal commissions, which is pleasant for both collectors and artists.