How do NFT series work?

09 August 2021

In the wake of the popularity of NFT tokens and huge deals in digital art, filmmakers did not stand aside for long. Several NFT series are already in production. Let's try to figure out what it is and according to what model the creators are going to distribute their creation.

Which companies work with NFT?

Essentially, an NFT serial is not different from a regular serial. The entire narrative is divided into series and seasons. The difference in production costs. Conventional TV shows are sponsored by major companies. For example, a user might have an idea that a company like Netflix likes and pays to create a new movie masterpiece.

In contrast, the NFT series builds on the support of the cryptocurrency community. One or more authors submit an idea. They think over the details of the series, but they have no big money of their own. A limited number of NFT tokens are created for the project, which anyone can buy. The proceeds are used to create a series.

Why is there a need for NFT serials?

The cinema is becoming more and more politicized. Authors simply cannot put into production something daring, radically different from what is already on the market.

Interestingly, there is a steady demand for really daring projects. Of course, this is not a mass audience, but the creativity of the authors is steadily supported by enthusiasts.

The first projects like "Hold on for Dear Life" and "Take my Muffin" are already recruiting their crypto investors. Perhaps NFT tokens will be a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of studio bosses.

Why is NFT tokens the future of commerce?

Over the past 2 years, the NFT market has been growing rapidly and there is no reason to talk about the reverse dynamics yet. Now it all comes down to buying collectible items. However, is it worth expecting some kind of logical development of technology in the future with access to everyday reality?

Why won't NFT tokens become a financial bubble?

After a sharp rise in demand for NFT tokens in early 2021, it is gradually declining. This is a normal process when the market settles at a reasonable financial performance. Something frankly overvalued will become a thing of the past; strong creators and interested investors will remain.

The NFT token technology has shown itself to be excellent. Will we see it in real life? Definitely yes! Because working with such a tool is simple and convenient.

What are NFTs for in real life?

There are already attempts to sell houses and cars using NFT. For example, you are located in Russia and want to invest in US real estate. There are two ways to get what you want:

personally fly to another country and work with local lawyers;
look for contractors in your home country.

If you work with NFT tokens, then the buyer will only need to find a suitable offer on the Internet and buy a token. Everything, ownership passes immediately after purchase.

With smaller acquisitions, the steps are similar. For example, choosing a TV in an online store, you should buy an NFT token and agree on a delivery time. In theory, this should completely eliminate online fraud. All records of the transfer of funds are kept in the public domain.

Thus, NFT tokens greatly simplify the purchase process and remove unnecessary intermediaries from the chain of transactions. In the future, this may lead to a reduction in the cost of some goods and services.