Why are GIFs being bought for millions of dollars?

16 August 2021

Today, the main use of NFT tokens is considered to be the sale of cryptoart and all kinds of works of art. There is really a lot of money spinning in this market and most often it is not clear why an ordinary picture or GIF stands like a small plane. In fact, such objects have a lot in common with traditional paintings.

Virtual Objects: What to Pay For?

Electronic art are intangible objects, but they are still collectibles. They are unique and accessible only to wealthy people. If a person wants to collect a unique collection, it is necessary to spend several hundred thousand, or even millions of dollars. And the presence of an NFT token will confirm the authenticity of a particular object.

An important point is the imprint of pricing in the art world. It is interesting that it is not the work itself and the technique of its execution that are valuable, but the history of creation and the personality of the author.

Do not think that "these are just pictures." Creating a really interesting plot and then drawing takes a lot of time. If in a normal painting the artist is limited to a plane, then in digital space it is possible to create any shapes and sizes.

Why buy NFT tokens?

There are several reasons for the growing interest in NFT tokens:
● Firstly, the sharp rise in the cost of cryptocurrencies in 2020-2021 made even inexperienced users talk about them. There is no denying that coin holders suddenly had a lot of money on hand and this turned out to be the main driver. People believe in a cyptocurrency future and are ready to support it with their own finances.● Secondly, almost all really expensive lots had their own interesting path of creation or an exciting history of the owner. According to the criteria of the art world, they are not inferior to the alternatives on real canvases.● Thirdly, electronic work is easier to store. Ordinary paintings have size limitations, most are demanding on storage conditions. In the virtual space, the artist can create absolutely any shape and size. To store purchases, you only need a computer or a USB flash drive.

How to treat gifs and pictures for big money?

This suggests an analogy: a stamp collector will not be able to understand a coin collector completely. Of course, NFT tokens are not a must have for every inhabitant of the Earth, but these values ​​are in no way inferior to art from the real world.

At the same time, crypto art has a number of undeniable advantages. It is tritely more convenient. And doubters should look for a really interesting job for which they would like to give a lot of money.

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