TOP 5 Most Expensive NFT Artists

20 June 2021

In 2021, there was a boom in the sale of electronic fine art, the ownership of which is confirmed by non-fungible NFT tokens. Now artists can not only replenish feeds on social networks, but also make money on creativity. Of course, everyone does it differently. What were the most impressive NFT trades completed before the summer of 2021, and who was behind it?
№1 Beeple
Beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann, is considered to be the most expensive crypto artist at the time of publication of the article. The artist paints dystopian, vivid works. Many of them have already been sold separately, but Winkelmann made history as the first richest crypto artist.

In 2021 Winkelmann put together a large collage from hundreds of his creations. 33 collectors fought for this work. The final price was $ 69 million. Surprisingly, this deal made Beeple one of the most successful living artists and become on a par with the mastodons of "real art".

№2 Later
There are many strange nicknames in the crypto world. The artist under the nickname Later managed to sell 1,643 digital paintings, the total cost of which is $ 7.25 million. His most valuable work is considered to be the painting "Base", acquired for $ 187,758.

By the standards of today's crypto market, the artist Later cannot boast of particularly expensive works. However, there is a unique achievement in his piggy bank - raising more than $ 1 million from the sale of art pieces through NFT, and then he was the first among his “colleagues”.

№3 Trevor Jones Art
The owner of the nickname "The Art of Trevor Jones", actually Trevor Jones himself, lives in Canada. He's a pretty standard artist. However, after 2010, he became interested in technology, focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

To date, Jones has produced 1,100 digital paintings. Together, they brought in $ 4.6 million in profits. The most valuable work was "Genesis", for which they paid $ 585,670.

№4 Hackatao
Sometimes several people are hiding behind one pseudonym. So the nickname Hakatao belongs to a pair of Sergio and Nadia. These two are considered to be some of the pioneers in crypto art, starting back in 2007.

Nowadays they have sold 530 paintings and raised $ 4.4 million. In the works of the duo, the motives of social problems, the struggle for environmental protection and crypto-themes are clearly traced.

№5 Med dog Jones
Artist Mika Daubak lives in Toronto and he is famous for his futuristic work. The paintings are produced in two variations at once: static and dynamic. In the first case, the plot is static, in the second, some elements move and the author's music is superimposed.

The paintings of Mad Dog Jones depict the near future in the style of cyberpunk. The author grabs a piece of people's everyday life and shows it to the viewer. The artist tries to show that "in the future we will remain the same with the same problems." The most expensive work was "Broadwalk" with a price tag of $ 388,888.

Short summary of the NFT art market
This article only covers the top 5 most expensive artists who managed to become millionaires with digital art and NFT tokens. Many talented people are looking towards this market trying to enter it.

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